• Start : 2023/07/01 08:00
  • End : 2023/07/02 18:00

Ladies Indulgence Night for couples & singles who enjoy single gentlemen!
* Tickets on sale now! 

Alright “Greedy Girls,” are you ready to be spoiled? It’s time for our next Empowered Ladies “Indulgence” night! This is one of our most sensual and dynamic party formats: the evening empowers women to experience the scenario of sharing multiple men. Each and every lady has an opportunity to direct her own fantasy or just kick back and let the night unfold naturally. The guys will certainly have a blast as well, but make no mistake about it… this night is all about the ladies!

We set the stage with an opening meet & greet that allows everyone to get acquainted. One of our magical ingredients for this format is a gender ratio that features single gentlemen as well as couples and single females. The intent is for the ladies to have a nice variety of options. Once the preliminary meet and greet and dance time ends, we will welcome everyone and shift into the full range of later night options. 🙂

Six FAQs

* Is this intended to be a lifestyle play event?
Yes! The activities will begin with a meet and greet for getting acquainted, socializing and dancing.  Once the arrival time window is closed, we will expand to the full range of optional activities. We call this our “Indulgence” format because the ladies can choose to indulge in a wide range of pleasures with our high quality guys. Most importantly, the mindset for this format is a focus on pleasing the women. Similar to the “Greedy Girls” concept featured at the site of our partners at PlayhouseLV, this night features a ratio with more guys than girls… This can create a wider range of options, perhaps some opportunities to engage with multiple guys, or perhaps focus on 1 guy at a time. When invited by the lady, each guy can obviously accept the invitation, or say no thank you if the timing is off at that moment. This is the ultimate in female sensual empowerment while also respecting the boundaries and dignity of everyone.

* What vibe should we expect from the people attending?
These gatherings emphasize exploration and fun. Ultimately, this is about the ladies (hence the title) but everyone has the highest value in our group. Thus, we expect this to be a memorable and exciting night for everyone who attends. The key to any group situation is understanding the basic LS etiquette regarding consent and people bringing a relaxed, non-aggressive, non-entitled mindset.

These gatherings have a long tradition of feeling INCLUSIVE with warm, friendly people who want to meet new friends. We are not fans of cliques or arrogance and our hope is that everyone that attends will be very open in their outreach. Generally speaking, our friends tend to consist of attractive, fit, educated, respectful professionals ranging in age from mid 20s to mid 50s.

Our group has one of the strongest and longest established track record for safe and respectful events. We have high standards related to consent, alcohol, and drugs. People who need to be overintoxicated at group gatherings are probably not a good match for the group culture of GenieWishes and Arizona Fantasy Club. In addition, guests are expected to ask for and attain clear, positive consent before any type of sexual advance. Anyone not attaining appropriate consent before touching will be promptly removed from the event and have their membership revoked.

* Is this gathering for couples and single males only?
Not necessarily. This can be a great night for our solo female members as well as our couples and single gentlemen.

* Please tell us about the etiquette for your activities  related to DISCRETION… 
Our friends already know how discrete we have to be. The location for these gatherings are private and exclusive. Everyone who attends needs to be invited by us AND discrete in their words and behavior… This is common sense and very routine for our smart and sophisticated friends.  We don’t take photos at our events and we don’t allow drop ins, even if they are friends of participants. Our highly developed vetting process is a major key to our long established safety history.  The RSVP list is a great tool for people to view and interact with others before the event.

* Where will the location be for this one?
The house is located on the edge of Sun City and Peoria. The private home location offers the benefit of a clean, spacious vibe with sexy lighting ambiance, great music, appetizers, mixers, and on-premise play space.

* How much do tickets cost? Will the party sell out in advance??
Most of our house parties sell out 5 to 10 days in advance. Given the strategically smaller size of this format, you can expect an early sell out once again. Sometimes smaller is better lol, so we strive to keep these group sizes between 35 to 50 for Ladies Indulgence Nights.  Remember, your RSVP is helpful to communicate that you are interested in attending the event. But RSVPs are not limited, and they do not secure a space… PAID TICKETS are the only way to protect your space before they sell out.  As always, the lowest prices are available when tickets first go on sale and then increase as the event approaches. There are no refunds. However, given the generous GenieWishes credit terms for people who need to cancel, everyone can purchase tickets early with the peace of mind of knowing your investments are safe if your plans change prior to the event. 🙂

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