Hotwife Palooza is a partnership between the owners of Lifestylers MagazineGenieWishes Events, and Arizona Fantasy Club. It is our privilege to bring you HotwifePalooza.com as a one stop shop for everyone in the Lifestyle community who values exceptional single males as part of their journey. We are devoted ambassadors for the sex positive mindsets that exemplify the Lifestyle Community.  We strive to support ethical non-monogamy (ENM) in all it's forms, with a specific emphasis on the inclusion of single males. Our commitment includes ongoing efforts to educate people with the intent to support members of the lifestyle community and to de-stigmatize the public perception of open relationships and ethical non-monogamy.

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Hotwife 101:

We embrace the Hotwife title as an umbrella term that includes everyone who enjoys ENM connections with single male members of the lifestyle community. This includes categories such as Cucks, Cuckoldress, Bulls, Queens, as well as couples who simply enjoy occasional MFM threesomes. So, it's not necessary to be married... to be a Hotwife.

Our Website:

The online platform at www.HotwifePalooza.com will be a one stop shop for everything Hotwife, including Hotwife & Lifestyle Educational Articles, a Podcast Player, Hotwife Partners & Resources, and support for events all over the world. Our vision includes the creation of an Ambassador Program, to help search out other Lifestyle Clubs, Resorts and Conventions (in cities across the United States) to partner and support the quest to take Hotwife Palooza on the road to a city near you.

Our Events:

Hotwife Palooza Events are created to unite Hotwife Couples, and exceptional single males who understand their role in the Hotwife Lifestyle experience. The festive event elements include Lifestyle Business Vendors and artisans, DJ-Dance Parties, Speed Dating, on-premise play spaces, and so much more. Our intent is to ultimately foster uplifting connections that can include everything from 1-time sexual experiences, to long lasting friendships and relationships. We want to consistently raise the bar of what people expect from events including the highest standards for safety, discretion, and respectful interactions. We feel excited about sharing our ambitious vision and philosophy through the teaching and learning and activities we envision taking place across the United States and beyond.

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