• Start : 2022/12/31 07:00
  • End : 2023/01/01 02:00

SOLD OUT) New Years Eve is always one of the greatest party nights of the year for our group! So we can’t wait to create an amazing evening together in celebration of 2023’s arrival.  As usual, this house party will feature high quality conversation, amazing dance floor adventures, and on-premise play.  For New Years Eve, the festivities will also include elegant attire, special treats at our food table, a midnight champagne countdown, and one of our favorite Scottsdale locations. The group size is going to be medium this time (about 60-70 gorgeous guests) and our vetted invitation list will produce an exceptional experience with emphasis on quality, safety and engagement for all. This is a great opportunity to connect with us in a beautiful setting that allows for full nudity and on-premise play, along with a warm, respectful, and beautiful group of our AFC & GenieWishes friends. See our list of 8 FAQs posted below. 🙂

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