• Start : 2023/03/18 18:00
  • End : 2023/03/19 02:00

SoCal Palooza

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SoCal PALOOZA AT THE MANSION (HotWife Palooza, GenieWishes, Lifestylers Magazine & AFC)
This is the the first in a series of collaborations taking place at the Mansion in Walnut California. We begin this festive set of events on March 18th, with a 12+ hour party that will bring out our fantastic couples, adventurous females and high character men. There is something for everyone at this event. Guests will enjoy a loose structure that includes…
* Sexy pool time with private backyard to go as bare as you dare
* Active dance floor with engaging music & lighting
* Meet & greet & tour of the large, upscale venue
* Multiple on-premise play options
* An ideal mix of couples & singles, including single males to connect with the Hotwife couples who attend.
This is a Hotwife Event presented to you at
The Mansion in Walnut, CA
March 18th, 2023 1:00pm to 2:00am
ATTN: Single Guys, please DM us here on Kasidie to become
​​​​​​​vetted and verified to attend this event. Once verified you
will receive the Passcode to purchase your passes on the link below.
Please Click the button below to purchase your tickets.
Fun Options!
All of our events feature a wide range of options during your visit. We believe that guests thrive when they can pick and choose their own experience. Thus, we have a venue and schedule that provides variety throughout the day and evening. Schedule details will be announced during the days leading up to the event. That will include time for socializing outside and inside, food & drinks, swimming, on-premise play and more!
Safety Is A Priority: Festivities aside, safety is always at the forefront of our events.  Guests are expected to ask for and attain clear, positive consent before any type of sexual advance. Consent is sexy and we expect guests to ask before you touch, 100 percent of the time. Anyone not attaining appropriate consent before touching will be promptly removed from the event and have their membership revoked. If you are offended by nudity, or feel the need to use drugs or drink in excess, we respectfully request that you not attend.

7 FAQs With Answers For You:

* Where is the location going to be?
The address of the house will be announced privately to all of our ticket holders several weeks before the gathering… The home venue has hosted numerous successful Lifestyle events in previous years. It is located in Walnut, California. People will appreciate the spacious backyard and upscale vibe including multiple on-premise play options, private and open, and of course, a festive heated party pool & jacuzzi that allows guests to go as bare as you dare.
* What vibe should we expect from the people attending?
This format creates a relaxed environment that is intended to promote visiting, introducing some of our sexy friends to our other sexy friends, and a safe, no pressure environment related to sensuality. Our gatherings have a long tradition of feeling INCLUSIVE with warm, friendly people who want to meet new friends. We are not fans of cliques or arrogance and our belief is that everyone that attends will be very open in their outreach. Generally speaking, our guests consist of attractive, fit, educated, respectful professionals with the vast majority being in the 25-60 age range.
* Is this intended to be a play evening?
Yes. One of the benefits of the upscale, private location, is our ability to enjoy each other as friends, to enjoy a sexy clothing-optional outdoor setting, AND to include play options in multiple locations inside… private and group spaces. We are very sensitive about promoting a safe environment for all, those who want to play, and those who do not. In a nutshell, you can expect a flirtatiously sexy atmosphere early, and a sexually charged environment later in the night… but no strings attached for people who prefer not to play.  Most importantly, we promote a scenario where everyone can feel safe and feel confident that your boundaries will be respected. We specifically communicate etiquette expectations prior to the event and during our welcome conversation at the start of the evening. Consent is sexy, and we love the excellent tradition of safety at our events.
* What are the options for couples who only engage with other couples? 
There are always people who attend these parties that are focused on the couples. For this, visit the couples-only section and you can meet sexy couples in the designated space for couples. Guests will receive a wristband that designates their chosen status related to singles: women can wear a green band to represent that they are open to solo males approaching them. In contrast, they can wear a red band to let single guys know NOT to approach them. Single guys will have yellow wristbands and men in couples will wear blue bands. This simple strategy ensures clarity in support of our long history of creating safe spaces for everyone.
* Is it okay if we invite some friends who are not on the guest list?
We encourage you to spread the word to other like minded friends… As always, group safety and discretion is our top priority. Please let your friends know they can check out our ticket purchasing center for the requirements to purchase tickets.
* What shall we bring related to food and drinks?
Our house parties are always BYOB… we provide a nice variety of mixers and party essentials. As for food, we also provide a nice variety of yummy snacks (fruit, veggies, desert items, pasta, meat, cheese, etc.) that are available throughout the afternoon and evening.
* How much do tickets cost?
We sell tickets in advance and they will cost between $90 – $120 for couples tickets. The lowest prices are always at the start of the sales cycle and gradually increase as the event gets closer.  Remember, your RSVP informs us that you are interested in the party, but a ticket purchase is the only way to secure a spot. Our events frequently sell out in advance.
* What are the next steps after I have RSVPd and secured my ticket?
Simply start planning to have a blast with us! We will send out email updates that include the party schedule, attire details, safety info, the venue address and more!


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