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Bulls And Queens on the Cover of Lifestylers Magazine

Hello, my name is Karamel and my husband, Doc Chocolate and I have been in the Lifestyle since late 2016. I can truly say that being in the Lifestyle has truly been a journey for me. My husband launched a Lifestyle & Swinger podcast called Bulls & Queens a few months ago on New Year’s Eve of 2021 going into this year.

The podcast is now a TOP-50 show on the Apple podcast charts and has over 40 episodes as of the time of this writing. The podcast detailed his experience in the Lifestyle as being a Bull and playing with hotwives and interacting with cuckold couples, as well as those in the Stag & Vixen dynamic. The Bulls & Queens Swinger Podcast also featured other people in the Lifestyle, to share their experiences, their laughter, their kinky adventures and their journey.

One day to my surprise, Doc asked me to come on the show and co-host with him. One question that I knew was going to be asked of me (which he did ask), was to share how we got started in the lifestyle.

I told him, “Why don’t you just write an ebook about it?” (which he wound up doing anyways!) You see, that was a typical response on my part. I have always hid behind my husband in that aspect. Doc was way more EXTROVERTED than I was in sharing his experience compared to me.

I think that I felt that my personal Lifestyle journey was not “kinky” or “wild enough” for others to even enjoy. But after sharing my sexual narrative and I was shown an overwhelming amount of support from my peers! It was at that point that I felt comfortable enough in my sexual truth within the Lifestyle….


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Take My Leash

When did you discover that if you touched your penis or pussy that it felt good? Sexual energy is a feeling of euphoria that many have tried to describe for centuries. I’ve read where people compare the sensation of a sneeze building directly correlates to how you orgasm…
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My HotWife Lifestyle Journey… “Flirting With Fireflies”

Slamming the screen door behind me, I hollered loudly to my mom who was cooking in the kitchen… “Mom…I am off to the pond!” “Ok, she said, but grab your swimsuit!” At the age of 8 I had heard the story already a hundred times. She would say… “When I was young, we didn’t have money for a swimsuit. You can’t have people looking at yourself in the bare.”
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Good Girl Gone Bad…?

My husband had always teased me about being the definitive “good girl” next door.  In fact, I naturally identified as a “good girl” for most of my life. I was certainly a rule-follower and people pleaser. Raised in a strict Christian home, my family values lifted up modesty, humility, polite communication, and being emotionally steady. In my home, we typically avoided any excessive “worldly” pursuits. Sadly, feelings such as passion and enthusiasm were frowned upon…
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